What should I do if my boyfriend cheated and...?

My boyfriend cheated on me but we've been together for a really long time and we have a lot of history. I really do love him, but there's this other guy I've been talking to also and he's super nice. And he's in the navy. My boyfriend says he won't do it anymore but I don't know if I can really trust him, what should I do?


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  • You know that he's not loyal. But, some people do change and never cheat again. For me though, cheating is a deal breaker and it shatters my trust. I say move on because it's a pain in the ass being in a relationship with there are trust issues. You'll end up questioning him all the time, and he'll get tired of your lack of trust if he is being honest. Be careful with the Navy guy too. Military men are away from home for long periods of time.


  • He's already demonstrated that he can't be loyal. Move on with your life, without him.


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