X-girlfriend still wants to talk after breakup?

I broke up with my girlfriend. We dated for a few months and I wasn't really fealing it. I feel like we/ I rushed into the relationship and I wasn't happy. It wasn't a bad relationship but it was nothing to make me smile. I felt like I had to always coddle her, talk to her, give her compliments, and try to keep her happy. Now I fine with that but when it's all the time it gets tiring. She's self conscious and I tried so hard to try and help her but there's a point when you feel like a parent and not dating. (Little bit of a rant there)

Anyways, after we broke up she was really emotional and wanted to try and make it work. I talked with her for a hour and told her I just don't feel the same way and our life's are going in different directions. But she acted like a kid about it which is exactly why I didn't want to be with her originally. She still texts me and I respond sometimes like wishing her the best or answering a questions of hers. But she wants to talk on the phone and keep texting a lot. Is that normal? What do you recommend? I don't want to hurt her but I want to live my own life. But being friends is okay.


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  • ... But being friends is okay...
    No, here, dear, 'Being friens' is Not A-Okay. It will only make you want you more, make her believe there is More in store And... There's no point when you feel like a parent and not dating.
    Do a Clean, sad but mean break and be firm, diplomatic. Tell her you are beginning to maybe like someone else now and you feel, Truthfully, it would be best to just break everything off Totally.
    You are barking up the wrong tree with this one. Let sleeping dogs lie where they are right now. She can't have her cake and eat it Two with you both as friends... She is much too childish to handle it and it will always end up a sour ball.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I'd say that it can be normal. If she just wants to be friends and talk and you're comfortable with it, then sure, go ahead. But I recommend that if it ever starts to feel like she's trying to get back together again and that's not what you want to reastablish the boundaries.

    • That was a good response. Thanks!

  • hmm according 2 me u shall give her a chance tell her how u feel and if dat chance gets spoilt and everything doesn't work the right way tell her the truth and then u tell her to move on.
    And everyone deserves a chance whether an ex or someone else but dont let that chance be spoilt or go unwanted

    • Thanks for the advice.

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