We`re on a "break", but he wants me to visit him in another country?

So, after being with this guy for 3 years (10 months living together) he wants a break up (he said he doesn't love me anymore). After a while we agreed for 2 months break for him to clear his head and figure out what he wants in life as he is currently under huge amount of stress (lots of work and issues with his mother). Also I wanted to figure out if I still want this relationship (after what he had done). Initially he proposed "weekend relationship", but I did not agree to it. So I agreed to break and moved out. We also set some rules: during the break we will not be involved with other people. It was (and kinda still is) hard for me to deal with everything as his actions came very sudden and I did not see them coming (one day he basically woke up and said "I dont love you anymore. It is over"). We did not fight, did not have any unresolved issues, did not have troubles in bed, nothing. Though, he is very introverted.

Bottomline: I went on "no contact" for aproximately 12days since our last physical encounter. I broke the "no contact" yesterday as I received some specific information that had to be dealt with him as it is regarding some financial issues. I sent him an email. Today he replied he will sort it out and invited me to come over for a weekend with him to another country (where he is currently due to work obligations). He offered to fly me in and out.

I do not have any wild ideas that this is his way of trying to get back earlier but still his proposal is very interesting. It is a great European city with the man I long felt he was "the one". Maybe we will have only fun, maybe we will talk about us, maybe everything will be the same in Monday. But I have a strong urge to go.

What do you think, should I go or not?

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Update 1: currently is highly unlikely if I will be able to go due to logistic problems (tickets are not available anymore for returning flights). :(
Update 2: if anyone interested - I accepted his invation and went. We had a great time. Tried to talk about our relationship, but he was not interested. Which basically means it is time to move on...


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  • Two questions:

    What country is it?

    Are you paying?


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  • My Intuition is telling me to Say "GO." You will never know all of the reasons of the seasons if you don't at Least Try... With this guy.
    Good luck, you have my full blessings. Be safe. xx

    • Thank you. I decided to go. We`ll see what will come out of it (most probably nothing, but a girl can dream...).

    • Oh, so welcome... One never knows what God has in Store with maybe.. More. xxoo

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  • Yes if you love each other then you should be together. Its rare to find someone you can connect with. Hold on to the person that is precious to you

  • B
    Booty call, gal

    • I thought about that. But it would be kinda expensive bootycall (I`m talking about Europe ...) and though he is better situated than I am (and I`m not very bad), it is expensive even for him...

    • Fantasy booty has no expense limits
      in fact, the pressure's on for you to meet these impossible fantasies
      before shipped home

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