Why is my ex acting like this?

my ex has been acting snobby. when we met it was mutual and it just happened. we have the same mutual friends and i heard some of our mutual friends tried to talked to him but he just acts snobbish, being a jerk and ignoring them. he doesn't really talk to them no more. its unusal how he's been acting like this he was never this kind of person when we first met hang out and began dating. he was friendly, nice, and outgoing. now when ever we are in the same place around each other he avoids me and acts like a stranger. i admit i do the same ignore him and act like he's a stranger since its really awkward being around him. why does he act like this? has anyone went through this before or have an ex act like this way after their breakup?


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  • The reason is that some guys just try to invert things: hate or despise the one once loved / liked, in order to make it easier to forget her and stuff. Sometimes, it goes beyond the person and goes to her circle of friends and acquaintances.

    Silly, imho, but true.


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