Will she come back?

My ex girlfriend dumped me a couple of months ago. The break up caught me completely off guard. Things seemed to be going great, we spent a lot of time together, we talked all of the time and never seemed to run out of things to talk about. Out sex life was great, we had great chemistry from the start, and she seemed really into me. She talked about a future with me, marriage, things she wanted to do together, etc. She is 31 and said she wanted to be married and have a baby by the time she was 34. I always enjoyed these talks and would always participate willingly in the convo. She suggested we take my niece out for a day of fun once my nephew was born, which I was excited to do. She really seems to be planning a life with me and I was fully onboard and cared about her a lot. I always put her needs before my own, would go out of my way to do anything for her, even the littlest things like driving her to wor in the winter so she wouldn't lose her parking spot. I didn't mind sitting in hours of traffic because the time I spent with her was worth it to me.

One day she dumped me out of the blue, we were supposed to go to dinner that night, I had picked up some flowers and champagne for her (she loved those 2 things) because I knew she had a rough weekend due to a death in the family. She texted me and said we needed to talk that night. I show up, she acts normal, I had to ask what the text was about, which is when she finally dumped me. She said she was going to start therapy and "didn't want to take me down that bumpy road" with her, even though I said I wanted to be there for her. She said she was going because she can't figure out why she always ends up running away from relationships, and isn't as happy as she thinks she should be. She told me that I was better to her than any other guy she has ever known, that I did more for her than she deserved, and that there was nothing more that I could have done to be better. (See additional comments for rest of story)
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When I left her house the night we broke up, she kissed me a few times and asked me to let her know that I got home safely. Why would she do that if she was dumping me? She left a bunch of belongings at my house, which are still there months later, despite me asking her to get them multiple times. We talked a few weeks After the break up, she was very nice, and kids me a few more times. However, at times she contradicted what she always told me about what she wanted. She said she might be...
Only good for casual dating, and that she may not want kids anymore (she is a pediatric nurse, and loves kids, and always said how much she wanted her own). She seemed to be irrationally trying to justify reasons for dumping me. She was in tears. I told her that if she did not like me or have feelings for me, she should just say it so I knew, but she couldn't say it. Unfortunately, I think she is now dating someone else.


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  • It seems you may have been more serious with her here, dear, and with her 'Now dating someone else,' the writing on the wall and all is telling me that whoever she is with, is going slow with her flow and that they may have more chemistry together in other ways.
    It's not to say that just because two people Break up that they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. However, with Missing the Kissing, which many times happens, leaving someone 'Better to her than any other guy' in her back pocket, which is You, a way for her to say one day, "Hi... Can we talk?"
    She then could never be trusted that she wouldn't come up with other lame duck excuses when suddenly out of the deep blue sea once more, she would end UP... Contradicting or flying south again with another fine feathered friend in the end.
    Move on. You deserve better.
    Good luck. xx


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  • she's talking to someone else

  • she won't come back.


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