Was he serious about me?

So recently I miss this guy I dated for just a week last year, I am even having dreams about him. He had a hooligan repo in our school but was nice to people mostly and vindictive to people who he didn't like. He had a pervy friend who thought I was a slut who I didn't like, and grinned whenever I walked past. Anyway, one night we were up all night and I was emotional because I had been in a friends with benefits relationship with a guy just coz I wanted him to love me ad he had left me, and I told him all that and he is kind of old fashioned and said I had made a big mistake by going in a 'fuck buddy' relationship since he only believed in serious relationship. he also hated the guy I was in the friends with benefits with and was jealous that he was the first one to touch me. he is someone who believes that everything after kissing should be done after marriage and doesn't think non virgins are worth marrying. I liked though that he was honest with his thinking unlike a lot of pretend guys who later pick up virgin girls to marry. He also made me feel safe, since he was a hooligan and all, and he would even beat up somebody for u if he really cared about you. I was very timid at that time and it felt like he was the only protection in my life. He was arrogant though, and wanted me to block my ex friends with benefits out of my life, and we got into a lot of fights after we were in a relationship. He was possesive and somehow I liked that, i also liked that he ACTUALLY upheld his morals and even if I coaxed him to get physical he won't before marriage. I was confused because on one hand his best friend thought I was a slut and I didn't think he could get serious with me but on the other hand it didn't seem like he was using me because he won't get physical. i went with my ex for a drive to get revenge and he went ballistic and threatened to post a pic of the convo where I told him I was in friends with benefits with that guy (its considered slutty here to do that) but I cooled him down and we haven't talked since.


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  • he's not serious.


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  • By the way you have mentioned this, I think he may have been serious about you, Yes, he seems to have some morals and standards for himself which is very good, and yours is clearly lacking, I mean going by the details you mentioned in your post, it's better that you have only fun and those type of relationships you prefer as per your thinking and personality, I would not suggest you to go for serious relationships as that will hurt the other person also because the other person need to have the same thinking like you, right? so don't hurt anyone, go have relationships according to yourself and with guys who think like you, leave those guys who want serious relationships and commitment. It seems like you are doing that to purposely make him jealous and angry. Please don't take revenge or something, why waste your energy like that? Talk to him and part your ways in a good way.

    • Pray, tell me how I lack in my morals?

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