Ever have a long break and get back together with an ex?

How long?

What were your issues?

Did it work out afterward?

My Story: My ex and I broke up one month and a week ago. We dated for 2 years. He said he lost feelings for me. I called him once, he didn't answer two days after the break up. I wrote him a letter (Saying how great he was three days after the break up, and mailed it to him (yes, I know stupid, but it was my first horrible break up (meaning my first love, my first real break up) and then one month later - I texted him saying this "I miss talking" would it be ok if I called you tonight. He responded "tonight is really not a good night. "my great grandpa passed away and we are trying to plan the funeral maybe later in the week" --- That was Tuesday. People are telling me I should wait to call him, and if he doesn't I shouldn't try contacting him, ever again. It's Friday now, and I haven't heard from him.

I feel pretty much doomed in my current situation.

I've heard of people getting back together after 5 months. Does this happen? If so can you talk about it?

I'd really love it if, someone perhaps a guy could relate to my story. I mean you break up with someone and then you want them back? Does this normally happen?


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  • My ex dumped me after 4 1/2 years, 5 months ago. She also said she lost feelings for me and the "spark" was gone.. She asked to be friends, yet she wanted to "see what else is out there".. so I was totally blindsided by all of this, then on top of it all she wanted to be friends while she tried to date other guys? Way too painful.. I was her first bf, first love, took her virginity.. etc.. She was the absolute most intense love I've ever felt for anyone.. I completely resent her for what she's done to me.. Actually if she called me right now, I'd probably tell her to f*** off. I can barely get out of bed somedays and she's always out partying and being an attention whore. I feel very used..

    • I find that type of person to be completely selfish. My ex is somewhat like that too and is always partying everyday.

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    • We are in opposite boats, but maybe I'll get to that point eventually. It's only been 1 month and a week for me being single. I just wish he would call me, so I could have told him my plan of this working out that I never got a chance to tell him before. I want him back still. I'm really just now realizing how far gone the that situation is from likely happening. I don't even want to be mean to him. I just want him back. I mean still 5 months, and nothing. is there any regret?

    • My ex has showed no regret. I mean if you regretted your actions, don't you think you would make the call to fix things, or try to get that other person back? I mean how do you show someone that you regret making the decision of breaking up with that person? this was my first relationship. The first guy I had sex with. He was the first guy I said I love you too, and he was the last person to not say it back to me during the break up.

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  • How did he break up with you?

    How long did you speak about the relationship when he was breaking up with you?

    What was he like leading up to the break up?

    • Well, it all started perhaps after October 5, we had discussed what he wanted to do to get out of long distance. It was either I move to test it out in texas (stay at his apt) or have him get out of the coast guard. We fought and we fought for about 5 days. I wanted to pretend like this wasn't happening. I don't know if it was something I said or did on the phone, but whatever day it was he left a message on his status saying some sad dispatch quote on his Facebook.

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    • He didn't want to do long distance for another 2 years, and he said he didn't want to get out of the coast guard and he didn't want to drag me around for the next 20 years. I thought I couldn't leave my family in illinois, so I wasn't sure if I had wanted to move to texas, and when I said I did, he didn't believe me. I didn't have a car at the time, so it seemed like it wouldn't work.

    • I can now afford a car, and apartment, and look for a job with my college degree, but he doesn't know this. I have more than enough with this trust fund coming in. I don't even deserve it, honestly. It was something my grandpa did for his grandchildren. He doesn't know this, and even if I did try to tell him this now, what is going to do if I tell him. I mean it's been a month and 1 week since we have talked. 2 months if you think about it without arguing.

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  • Yeah, I got back together with a boyfriend after two years of being broken up. I made all the same mistakes, poured my heart out, cried. The best thing to do if you see him is to just tell him that you decided he was right and that the break up was the best thing for both of you. even if that's not necessarily how you feel. Kind of pretend like you were the one that decided to break up with him in your mind, it helps you feel like you have some control. And just do things that you enjoy a get happy again. Don't keep calling him. Wait for him to come to you.

    • Thanks, but how do I do that, if he deleted his Facebook, and won't call me or talk to me?

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    • Honestly that is the only revenge I'm gonna get, and I don't even need it. It just sounded funny doing it at the time. And trust me that board was full of nonsense random crap. Out of those 2 years in my life. I never saw the love of my life turning out to being the biggest let down to me of all. He was never who he said he was. 2 years, and not even a word since the break up from him. He told me I deserved better on the phone, and I deserve a hell of a lot better than that.

    • On the other hand, yeah, I hope he does get a few random phone calls.. hahah. He deserves to be bitched out, at least once. I know I never got a chance to do it, and nor will I ever.

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