How do I move on?

When I was with my boyfriend I was extremely happy because he has everything that a girl could want. People say there's no such thing as perfection but he sure was close to it! At the time I wasn't ready to commit and I was starting to like someone else who turned out to be a complete a'hole. I decided to break up with my boyfriend so that I can work on myself but as time was passing by he found someone whose a lot better than me because she has her life together and she treats him better. Now they're getting married and there's a possibility that she's pregnant or that they're planning on conceiving. I have a boyfriend and although he has a good personality he lacks in the looks and we don't really agree on the timeline of marriage and children. I haven't moved on from my ex and it's really depressing to see how great he's doing! I don't want to leave my boyfriend because I did that with my previous bfs and then karma seems to bite me in the a'hole for being shallow and not accepting them so I end up with jerks not on purpose.


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  • huh... how old's he and her?
    anyway yeah, better try 2 move on, coz now she got her pregnant, so things would b ultra-hard getin back 2 him... just try seein other guy maybe?

  • All you can do is move on and draw a line under the previous relationship...


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