Guys, What do I do to get him back?

I'll try to keep it brief... but he dumped me because he wasn't "emotionally attached to me", but this was only after a month. He was asking me to be his girlfriend and all that literally the day before.

I know that's not much info to go off of, but I really think he dumped me because I wasn't expressing enough interest in him or putting in as much effort. Which was totally unintentional. I was just being too guarded and I unknowingly pushed him away.

I've resisted the temptation to text him every single day (it's been like 3 weeks now), but the few times I did contact him he either didn't reply, or seemed disinterested/annoyed. But, he said if I "really wanted to" he "should be able to talk sometime later this week".

What do I say to up my chances in getting him back? Honestly, if you were in his position, what would a girl have to do to get you back?

(Btw, we didn't have sex yet... and looks-wise, I'm told I'm a "9"... whether or not that's relevant)


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  • Emotional attachment is a big thing. If he doesn't have that madly in love feeling, then don't look back. And that madly in love feeling should never disappear for the guy. The guy always needs to love the girl more than she loves him. Girls shouldn't ever chase a guy.

    • I dunno, I think that "madly in love feeling" has a lot to do with how secure they feel... and if I didn't make him feel appreciated enough then he didn't have the foundation to build from. Besides. We'd only been dating a month.

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  • i'd her back only if i was still likin her... she just needs 2 ask me to get back... but this will happen in my case... dunno bout his :|

  • He's not into you, darling.


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