Found out ex moved far away for the summer , I feel relived on some level but unsure what to think?

i had though she might of been avoiding me or away at school or something along that line but found out she moved out west to work at a resort in the rocky mountains for the summer. i knew she had been out there for a vacation earlier but didn't know she had moved out there. i guess that explains why i hadn't seen her around anywhere this summer. guess now i feel some relief as i know she wasn't avoiding me and thats what she's doing. of course i miss her on some level since i haven't seen her for a while and didn't know what she was up to.

so i guess the question is now that i know this information i must decide what to do next? do i just except the reality she is gone and made this decision to go out there and that maybe she needs some space from me? should i just forget about her? i've already been trying to date other women but yet to find a steady girlfriend

anyways i'm torn as i feel some relief knowing i won't run into her anywhere especially at bars around here as everytime we did run into each other there always seemed to be an incident , so is some relief knowing i don't have to worry about that but at the same time some disapointment knowing i won't see her this summer as well is we did have some fun moments , its just so much to digest , she used to be rate down the road from me now she is half way across the country


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  • Alright, it is time to man up. She is gone and she has begun moving on with her life. Time for you to do the same. Remember the good times you had and forget the rest. I doubt she is the first woman you have been steady with and I feel certain she will not be the last. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. Enjoy life as it comes.

    • I know its still hard to believe she is really gone and I won't see her at all this summer but I do agree I need to find someone else to date and accept the reality this one has moved on as she really did move on it appears

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  • i believe she needs space yet temporary, not permanently... just my guess though. she didn't show any clear signs she's avoidin u though, right?

    • I don't know the last time I saw her was at a bar and that was a few months ago , she didn't appear to be avoiding me that night and seemed ok to see me , even happy but I knew something happened that night to upset her , I may have checked out another girl she knew or did something to upset her cause I never heard anything from her after that , she was just gone not at bars or be found anywhere then she goes out west at start of summer to start this job

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    • no as far as I know she blocked me a while back when she got upset at something I sent her through a text so I never tried to text her again

    • if she hasn't unblocked u yet, then i'm afraid she's avoidin u...

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