Found out the ex moved far away and now I don't know what to think?

i hadn't seen her for a while and was starting to wonder what happened to her , anyways found out she moved out west for summer to work at a resort in the mountains. i guess it be a fun place to spend the summer. i just don't really know what to think about the whole thing , i feel she is doing this to escape our problems by going there knowing she'll never have to see me and can just do her own thing. but at same time i realise it may be for the best and maybe its what she needs at this stage of her life. i saw some posts online and all of her close gf's are like pretty sad she did this and all miss her , they didn't even bother telling me she did this either.
i like just found out a couple hours ago so haven't really had time to digest the news completely but i feel a lot of relief knowing i can do my thing and not worry about another incident at bar cause of her but at same time i do miss her and feel a lot of this is my fault she went out there. i realise i need to move on with things and although she is someone who will always hold some importance to me i do realise she may never be my girlfriend again and i do need to accept that.


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  • It's for the best for both of you I suppose

    • that's what I think too , although it was a drastic decision on her part to do this , maybe she needed a change as she had lived here for all of her life and had been on a lot of trips but never really got to live anywhere else in the sense. and I do feel we need some space for each other

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