Okay I want to ask my ex to a wedding but I don't know if I should because he is not ready to commit himself and was told that this might put pressur?

Pressure on him. Would it?

Is it such a good idea to ask him or no?


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  • weddin betweenu and yer X? wouldn't it b weird, since u r not even datin atm?

    • I wouldn't think it would be weird.

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    • Don't get clingy 2 other people generally. Listen up wot r u doin now is even worse, and this is da MULTIPLE time i said a weddin cannor b arranfed instantly it needs some time. How many times do i have 2 repeat this?

    • He doesn't know about it. For All He Knows I Just Want To talk.

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  • Does he know them? Would it be awkward for him to be there? No harm in asking if he knows them. I wouldn't put the two together. If nothing else, it may make me start thinking about it.

    • Thinking about what? And no he doesn't know them?

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    • Yup yup. I'm getting ready to teach a class, but I promise I'll respond as soon as I can.. =^.^=

    • Thanks!

  • I'd say no.

    • Why?

    • If a girl was my ex the last thing I would wan't to see is her being married. I would still a little sore from the break up.

    • No to ask him to my friends wedding with me that I'm going to

  • Why go with an ex? You broke up, get the fuck over him and find someone else.

    • I don't want to if I don't have to.

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    • Why would it be awesome?

    • Because I love him still and we would have a good time together

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  • If you both are still Friends after your split here, dear, I see no harm in asking him... To a wedding.
    Perhaps you both hang out, have a good relationship now. So with this, just make it lite and semi sweet that you would be honored if he would attend this blessed event.
    However, if the shoe is not on the right feet and you and your "EX" are in the middle of Not sure where you both stand at the moment, if he has told you some things, like 'Not ready to commit himself,' then maybe you shouldn't Obligate yourself for something as Blessed as A... Wedding.
    Good luck. xx

    • We'll we are just friends right now and cordial towards each other. In that case I would definitely just bring him as a friend because I do not want to make him feel uncomfortable in any way. However, if things were to come of the wedding I would definitely not be opposed of it. I just don't want to make him feel uncomfortable, you know?

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    • I don't know though and I don't know if it will or want to ruin what we have right now

    • Only you know him for sure. xx

  • I guess it depends whether you are asking him because you want to get back together or because you are friends and share mutual friends.
    If you want to get back together but he has a problem with commitment then maybe inviting him to a wedding may scare him off a bit.
    Just got to remember with a wedding that if you are closely involved the date you bring will be in their photos forever, regardless of whether you break up.

    • We'll I'm fine with bringing him strictly as a friend and then if something comes of it, I would definitely not be opposed to that. I just don't want to make him uncomfortable in any way, you know?

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