We were dating and then two weeks later he gets married?

I am having a hard time moving on. It is getting a little easier. I take it day by day. I really liked this guy and he liked me too. Everything was great then all of a sudden he got married to someone else it was fast and not only that she is preganant and had her baby this year. He is in the military and is older than me. I don't know if he married for benefits b/c she was pregnant or I don't know.. I really liked him. I don't know if it was b/c I was in medical school for the reason he just did this or I don't know...(it was a slap to the face). He told me through text that I am sure we will have our chance. Even though he was married he kept texting me. I never answered and cute everything connected to him. It's a situation where I don't know what went wrong. I want clousre... It is really hard it has been months and I am still having trouble. Does anyone have any tips or resources to get over something like this and to let go. I want to move on with my life.


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  • Ouch. I'm so sorry. Certainly don't respond to any of his texts. Block him if you can. That was a horrible thing to do.

    • It's not great. I haven't he I didn't know you can block cell numbers. But I just ignored him till he stopped. I just want to forget about it. I even shut my self out and deleted all social media etc. just so I can heal...

    • I know you can do it! It hurts, I know that. But you'll get past this.

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  • He was dating someone before you and probably at the same time as you

    • maybe. still hate him. I know this is low but I hope he has a horrible divorce.

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  • I would pick up the shattered pieces and find peace with yourself first before moving on. Slow down and think about what you want in life... without him. Block his number & begin "no contact." Time will always heal wounds. It did for me.


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  • What? I think he was looking for a side woman and you don't even know it. What a joke.

    • yeah. I getting over it. Its a lot better than before. But its something that you can't forget. I just hope it comes back to him.

    • What is his age?

    • he is 28

  • lol that sucks

    • yeah it does.

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    • learned to stay away from military men or anyone that travels lol... sadly

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