Please Help I'm desperate, Have you ever felt like nothing is going your way. If you have how did you deal with it?

I'm really not an a emotional guy, at least not in public but man these few weeks have been rough for me. My parents divorced, I got sent to another school, I've lost a lot of friends because I switched schools, My mom is turning broke, my grandma is very sick, my dad is struggling in his work, I really liked a girl but I was too scared to act on it, the only good thing is I might return to my old school but I just feel like it's the world against me. I don't know how to deal with it all. Please Help me I'm desperate.


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  • (smiling)
    Sooooo many times in life things actually WERENT going my way.

    Change for ME is key.
    Change your headspace
    Change your attitude
    Change your daily routine
    Change your social circles
    Change your career
    Change your interests
    Change who you date
    Change the places you go

    • I don't date, I'm only 16 so no career right now, I'm interested in sports and I don't think I'll ever change that, I don't curse, I don't drive, my daily routine isn't broken and can't be according to some doctors

    • I didn't notice your age when replying.
      Apologies xo

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  • When you feel like you're at the lowest of your lowest points, there's nowhere else to go from there but up. Stay strong my friend, I'm sorry about your parents and I hope that they each individually continue to love you unconditionally. sometimes it just doesn't work out. As for your grandma I hope she feels better, only thing you can do is comfort her in her time of need and hope for the best. You could always help your mom by getting a job if possible, or simply just ask her if there's anything you can do to help. and as for switching schools that's always tough but you'll always make new friends, and good thing about these days is that you can always stay in touch with your old ones with Skype or texting. It's a lot to take head on all at once but you gotta always keep your head up no matter what and find the silver lining. Oh and as for the girl there's plenty of fish in the sea my friend :)

    • I'm too young to get a job according to the law. My grandma lives in NJ so I can't really talk to her a lot.

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  • Sorry about all that. I've seen this happen a lot. Bad things happen one right after another and you feel like your world is imploding...
    You need to separate the things that are out of your control from the things that are within your control and make the best of what you have now.

  • there are days when everyone feels like that, just try and get thorough it thinks will eventually get better


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