Why would my ex keep calling me every week?

He is the one who ended the relationship but continues to call me. He texts me first then when I reply he doesn't answer but calls about 10 minutes later and he talks to me as a friend. He text me today "hey you" and I didn't reply so an hour later he texts "you there?" So I text him hey you then he calls me and we talk for an hour and I accidentally hung up on him so I tried calling him back but it goes to voicemail so I just text him sorry for hanging up on him and that he can call back but he didn't reply or call me back.

When he first started contacting me he would answer my texts now he is acting like this and I still don't get why he keeps contacting me. I want to block him but I feel sad thinking about it. Just 2 weeks ago he wanted to be with me and now he changed his mind. I feel so sad right now and anxious because I know he won't answer my texts.


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  • Why block? that's completely cutting off communication. Leave it open and maybe you can have a friendship

    • I would be his Friend but he calls when he wants, and when I call him he never answers or when I text him he never replies.

  • He broke it off with you for whatever reasons so you should not feel any obligation to jump at his calls or even answer unless of course your ultimate desire is to get back with him. If it is the latter, you need to make it clear that that is what you want otherwise you're just playing games with each other. You're both grown ups, so the whole did he call, should I call, is he going to call is a bit past you. Meet him face to face, look him in the eye and ask him what he wants and tell him what you want and if the answers don't match up or he doesn't bother to show up, then block him for your own sanity. You will need to move on in that case and if an ex is calling every other day, that can make it difficult even for the best intentioned. Break ups are hard and you have every right to feel sad and anxious because of your current situation, but don't let it consume you. If you aren't happy and he isn't going to bring you happiness, it may be a struggle, but you can move on.


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