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So me and my ex were together 3 1/2 years. He cheated on me and I called it quits once I found out and NEVER kept in touch with him, nor did he ever try surprisingly because we WERE inseparable. In 2 weeks it will be 1 year since we talked. And we'll anyways he sent me a message out of the blue today saying he's sorry for my loss because my grandpa passed away):. At first I didn't know who it was.. but he didn't tell me. Anyways at the end he wrote "When I get off the line" he'll tell me who it is.. My question is, what does that mean? "When I get off the line" I never asked him. I just didn't reply. I'm not looking for "just ask him" neither


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  • He could have been on the phone, I suppose. But still, if he could type a message... that's odd. And it's been a long time since you talked, so it's strange he would feel the need to reach out to you. It sounds like he didn't move on, and could be testing your response to see how you'll react.


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  • He's an ex. It's been a year if he still had feelings of wanted you there's no way he would wait that long. He was being a friend by being caring don't read a lot into it.


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