Does the No Contact rule work?

Let's say you were having a great relationship for a couple months with no fighting and all around fun healthy stuff and you both were feeling the same way, until you temporarily go long distance (3-4 hours away just during the summer) and you become semi over attached but more-so emotional and fearful that you'll screw things up, while your partner likes being alone and doesn't mind it. You have one dispute through text and it turns into an emotional phone call. They're telling you they dont want to be with you forever but they dont want to end the relationship. And you get hysterical cuz it sounds like they're putting a timer/experation date on your perceived happy/semi-perfect relationship and connection. Because of your overreaction and seeming dependence on them they decide to break up with you two days later. But you think it was drastic and it shouldn't have ended so soon bc of the clear overall happiness and connection the both of you mutually had until things blew over. There wasn't much if a chance given or fair judgement especially since it happened once. Could the no contact rule work?


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  • The "no contract" rule is bullsh1t in the first place. Try to hire ANY company with no agreement whatsoever and they will laugh. Even a simple board game like Monopoly has rules.

    He doesn’t want to be with you in the long run but doesn’t want to end the relationship. So, in other words, he is killing time with you until something better comes along. How pathetic is that. Tell him to grow up and make a decision.

    He does not want to commit at all. Why should he expect you to accept a relationship with absolutely no future? I can understand that you aren’t planning marriage and kids but you need to have some shared vision for the road ahead.

    Otherwise, all you have is a extended one night stand.


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  • it will work only if he's interested back, by some degree at least

  • Yes, it does work.


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