Guys, what did my ex boyfriend REALLY mean when he said "I miss you and I want to see you"?

-My ex boyfriend broke up with me a month and half ago because he couldn't give me what I wanted in a relationship, and I agreed. He then said that maybe it was too soon to break up (which was confusing, since he started the talk). I said that it was the right thing to break up. He said that he would love it if we could be friends. I told him to wait for me to be the first to talk to him.
-A week later he texted me, saying that he knew that I said I should be the first to initiate contact and that it is okay if I didn't want to talk to him. I went ahead and talked to him anyways. We talked about trivial things. At the end he finished with "coffee sometime?" And I said "sure!". Three weeks later, he contacted me again, we talked about trivial things again, and he said he was traveling soon for 2 weeks and he would like to have coffee with me before he left. He messaged me two days before he left, saying that he had been super busy but if I had time tomorrow we could grab a coffee. The next day I replied, he said he couldn't right away, bu that he would let me know. I waited until he texted when he was free, and when I got tired of waiting I texted him and he said he was just about to tell me that he couldn't make it, because he was traveling the day after and he left everything to the last minute. I got super mad and stopped answering. An hour later he texted "sorry" but I did not reply.
-The next day he texted me "what happened?". I told him that I realized that it was too soon to be back in touch and that I needed much more time to be able to have any kind of relationship with him. He said "well, I understand. Then I said "That's it?". He then said "I miss you", and I replied "I would be lying if I told you that I didn't miss you too, but we knew it was going to be hard". He then told me "I know, well, I want to see you.". I told him to give me time.
-He is not a guy who lets his guard down easily. Is there something else behind his behaviour?


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  • If you go back is he suddenly going to start giving you what you need in a relationship?

    • I don't know. But I don't want even want to think about that because I don't even know he just wants me as a friend or not.

  • guess he means it but he's nervous 2 see u maybe, and that's y he cancelled coffee

    • would he be nervous because he has something to tell me? or just because?

    • guess mostly coz he has sth 2 tell u, but just nervous since he might feel uncomf meeting wid his X...

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