Saw my ex she looked like she wanted to cry?

Half way through the conversation she had that face I've seen so many times holding back crying.. clear indicator she still has feelings for me?


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  • it could be that or that she was so hurt by whatever happend that she had to hold back tears when she saw you. OR she could have jst been upset over something that had nothing to do with and she jst ran into you. jst ask her whats wrong next time you see her react tht way

    • No I know it had to do with me. I mean we were talking for like 5 minutes

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    • I mean I just assumed I told her don't cry said everything is fine. Does that means she clearly still has a lot of feelings for me?

    • its very possible. if you are willing to get back with her then its worth u asking her if everything is ok. but if not then asking her how she feels about anything would be playing w her emotions. think about where u want this to end up

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