Boyfriend breaks up with me because he needs to 'sort his head out'?

My boyfriend of over a year recently broke up with me claiming to no longer beimg happy with life and needed to sort his head out. This comes as such a shock to me as just days earlier he was saying he was scared to lose me and how I was his world. He even wrote me a page long messege of every reason why he loved me. We had been planning on moving in together and now suddenly this happens. He says he loves me so much and cares about me more than he can explain though but I deserve better. I asked him if he never saw me again would that make him happy.. And he told me to stop being so stupid.

It's been a week now with no contact at all and I've just learnt from a mutual friend that 'he wants to be selfish for a while and do his own thing'

what does that mean?


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  • Have fun, one last time before being settled down. It's just a way of saying, I want ot have sex with other girls, without it being cheating. Of course, there's no such thing as "being on a break" (Rachel and Ross)

    • God we loved friends, would spend the whole day quoting it to each other. Do you think if he really did mean what he says about me being his world that he'll find his way back to me?

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    • Ha don't hold back the punches ;)
      I can't believe he didn't mean it though.. He sat there just days before while I was napping telling me every reason why we loved me. He's in a bad place atm as two family members have past away within days of each other.

    • Well would you rather have told you, he doesn't want you? Probably not. Honestly, we really do just say things to make you happy, whether we mean them or not. Most of the time it's the truth

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  • It seems that he's kinda (or totally) depressed. Perhaps he broke up with you because he really doesn't want to make you sad, then he just decided it'd be the best thing to do.

  • Just as it sounds. He wants to be alone

    • I completely understand that, he's been through a lot the past couple weeks, he's said his mind isn't right. Why do people push away the one person who always had their back? You need friends in times of needs.

    • Not all do. I'd rather be alone myself. When he gets his head clear he'll come back for advice

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