She wants space because we moved to fast, what can I do?

I've known this girl for about 7 months but never had feelings for her. But recently we started to hang out and I saw her in a completely different light. She told me she always had a crush on me when we first met and really liked me. One day she told me she wasn't happy with her boyfriend because they don't communicate and he's very distant with her. They've been on and off for the pass 5 years. Broke up like 3 times but always for a short time. This time she wants to break it off from him for good. She talked to me about it but I never pushed her to do and I wanted to do the right thing and let her figure if that was what she wanted. I just listened to her talk.

So one day she told me she finally broke it off with him and he was fine with it because he felt the same way. She and I got closer but all of a sudden after a couple of days, her ex texts her and say he wants her back. We've been hanging out every weekend since she texted him to break things off. On the thrid weekend, he wanted to see her to get her back. Brought her flowers and even begged her, wrote her a letter but she was not having it. Told him she's not in love with him.

But the next Friday , she tells me that she wants space. We moved too fast and she wants to be single. Doesn't want to jump from one relationship to another this fast. I respected her decision but it seems like she's giving him another chance after giving that whole speech of not taking him back. He's making up for all the times he ignored her and times he took her for granted. Buying her flowers, sending chocolate to her job, getting to see her and watch tv shows, taking her out to places and texting her. I know for a fact he wouldn't be doing any of this if I wasn't in the picture because if he wanted to, he would had done all this for her and kept her happy. It took me to come along to all of a sudden him becoming prince charming.

I understand she wants space but really? From me only? She's giving all her attention to him and keeps insisting they aren't back together. I know all this because I was over to talk to her and she wanted to watch some shows. She told me to use her MAC and when I logged on, her imessage tab was opened. I'm just depressed we never gave it a shot. Help?


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  • A relationship of 5 years can't be cut off in every aspect in just a day or an hour. There will still be emotions and longing for the things they used to do. If she truly wants to break up with the guy, it can take time until all emotions and feelings for him fade.
    Just because it's been weeks or months since she got tired of him, it doesn't mean the feelings aren't there anymore. It's still there, just buried.
    So I guess wanting to be single for awhile is understandable, so she can 'find herself' again, straighten things up, sort her feelings out, think about what she really wants. And when all that is done, you have a better shot at her than now.


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  • You are in what I refer to as a "Triangle Threesome" here, dear, where you are way at the tip, looking down, side to side at the both of them.
    This will continue with a full circle problem pattern with her and him. They are hot and cold, you are only going to end up to be the monkey in the middle and no chance.. For romance, Prince Charming.
    Forget her, move on. Someone is out there who is this Perfect Princess for you and is looking for the same thing as you. This one is still with the other court jester and they both jump through circus hoops for one another in a heart beat.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Give her space, she is confused with what she wants atm.
    Back off, and really you just have to let it play out with time.
    You wouldn't really want to be dating anyone when their head is a mess anyway. especially with an ex still in the picture.
    She'll figure out what she wants in time

  • All you can do is give her the space she needs

  • You just gotta leave it alone, it's probably over anyway.


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