Should she give a second Chance?

Al this starts back in 8th Grade. She stood me. She invited me to the prom with her and change her mind last minute, She still showed up but with one of her friends. I had taken this as us being Together. She broke my heart. She played me. I over looked this and still tried to go with her in 9th & 10th Grade. Failed every time... Fast foward to senior year she takes intrest in me. The Obvious things hug on me (she hugged other guys as well.) & tell her friends who would tell me. At first I was cautious but eventually I decided to got with. Looking up online if I should give her a second chance. It told me i had to make her work for it... When I saw her not really caring. I left her for another... BIG MISTAKE... I apologized hundreds of times. I asked almost EVERYONE I KNOW for advice they said talk to her. I must have blown up her facebook with message. Now I really want her back. When she broke my heart She didn't care she didn't apologized. I gave second CHANCES. I got to if I can get ONE. I'm at a community college, but next year I'm going to a college in the same city as her college.
Even if she isn't the "one", I want to end on better terms.
Sorry About all the misspellings & grammatical errors.


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  • If she can't put aside her differences and give you a second chance just like you gave her then I honestly think you should cut your loses, move on and be happy. Stop stressing over someone who had continuously hurt you in the past.


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  • If she doesn't respect you, then fuck her


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  • Not at all.


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