My girlfriend needs space?

She needs space with what's going on at home and me not trusting her because I'm insecure when it comes to her we have been dating for a year and six months. I feel like I know her my whole life and we just click but just recently she asked me to change and trust her more I messed that up because I was afraid of losing her and now she asked for space because she's doesn't know what she feels we have gone through this once before but I think this is how she is trying to make me change to trust her more by saying she don't know I was with her today because she had asked me to see her and I grabbed her rib and she was trembling when I leaned over thinking I was gonna kiss her so she wouldn't of acted that way if she still didn't wanna be with me I be live should I go to back to the no contact and hope she realizes that I am changing I started to trust her more then usual during this break. I just don't know what to do anymore someone please help me I need some guidance


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  • Ok srry it bothers me when guys always think a girl is cheating when she needs to sort stuff out! In reality you can tell if a girl is the type to cheat, there is such a slim chance that's ur case, But any-who my advice would be to text her a simple good morning, goodnight, how was your day but that's it for now, if she wants to talk she will! once in a while u can be the one to text her more and she'll see your effort! she may need space for her problems but you may be a little clingy? I don't know you so I can't say, but clingy can be a bit annoying so just back off a little she should come to you when she's ready, but if she is having problems make sure she is ok and b there when she does need you! (Srry that was long but hope it helps)

    • No it wasn't that long I actually like you took your time to help me out but I just hope it's a just a phase and she really can come back to me

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    • Wish she would make it clearer

    • Srry got nothin there, people r all different and confusing

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  • You do exactly what she says: give her some space. Let her know that you're still thinking about her every once in a while.

    • Will she be back? Should I text her every morning and every night like good morning have a wonderful day and goodnight

    • She may if you respect what she says. Not good morning every morning. Just every other day. The same way with good night. That way, you aren't texting her everyday and she won't feel stifled.

    • I see just trying to make sense of this all don't wanna ruin my chances I could see the future with her I

  • Respect her request to give her space.

    • How will she know I'm changing?

  • just give her space.

    • Do u think she will be back

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  • Give her some space as per her request.
    Don't call,
    Don't sms,
    Take time to reply to her messages.
    Don't attend to her calls immediately, let them miss and then return her call after some hours and state that you were busy... If you do sms, give her a simple sms after a week or so...
    I mean, if you were so important in her life, this is the time where she'd be needing you the most to support her... not pushing you away.

    While this may not the case, but some women like acting as if they a doing men a favor by being with them. They make men feel worthless thinking men's life revolves and circle around their ever-changing moods.

    Don't call and prepare yourself for the worst for in case she's no longer into you so that, if she comes back, then it be a bonus to you.
    By keeping your space and be silent on calls etc, it will saint a picture that you also have a life and there are other important things in your life that can keep you busy without you having to run like headless chicken after her.

    Best luck buddy!

  • Give her a month..
    I agree with both parties opinions.
    If she comes back, she has some stuff going on in her head.
    If she brushed you off after a month, something is going on with someone else.
    In honesty, sometimes you can never know, just be prepared for both outcomes

  • Bro this girl is more than likeley cheating on you sorry

    • Her parents have her on lock down like she can't leave the house she's in like deep shit

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    • That's just sad

    • its also true bitches be shady you can't trust them they will cheat at first chance they get

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