He's moving halfway 'round the world. We're still in love, but can't let go. What would you do?

My boyfriend of over a year is moving abroad for a two-year assignment in Africa. He would travel back to the U. S. a couple times a year to check in with his work's headquarters.

Still, it has been hard for me to digest. When I first learned, I became anxious, fearing an inevitable breakup, an anxiety which drove a wedge between us.

In April, with him fearing the upcoming move and dealing with tough family issues, he initiated a break--no contact, a break that didn't really have a definite end point. It was devastating for me as I feared I was going to lose him.

Two months later, he initiates contact and began acting as he did before the break. All the signs were there that he wanted to try again and get back together.

We spent hours on the phone just catching up. He would visit me and talk about random things.

On Monday, he invited me for coffee and we talked about our break. He said he missed me. He said he was sorry for his mistakes of the past. He expressed fear of picturing me with other guys.

The next day we went on a 'date.' He acted as if nothing happened. We picked up where we left off. He was joking around, flirting even, and reminiscing of our good and intimate moments. It slipped a few times where he called me babe and another pet name.

On the way home, he couldn't stop sneaking glances at me.

Then when we arrived at my house, he kissed me.

But then I felt a sense of hesitance. He said he didn't want to hurt me and that we should be careful, knowing what we have ahead with his move.

He's on the fence.

If he wanted to make this easier for me, he'd avoid me and block me out... But no! He still has feelings and is fighting a battle between his heart and his head.

What do I do?

He knows how I feel about him. I am head over heels and would be loyal and make every effort to make it work.

I don't know if he can. It's maybe too much to ask if he's not on the same page.

We have a little more than a month left together before he moves.

I am hoping we can make the very best of it and bond. I am hoping deep in my heart that he has a change if heart and wants to make our relationship work despite the distance.

It's clear that we both have strong feelings for one another, but how are we supposed to literally move on?


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  • Long distance relationship... Plus give him a one time unforgettable sex before he leaves 😂😅


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  • LDR are one of the hardest ones to Have and to Uphold of Any here, dear. I know this probably as well as anyone.
    I have a husband whom I married out in Egypt and right Now... We are estranged, always Breaking up and Making up.
    I came back to the states with not knowing if I wanted to continue our marriage. I left with this sour ball in my mouth because of all the problems we had while I lived with him over there. I ended up cheating on him here and other issues crept up, where the Middle East grew worse, I grew even more 'Worse' and even though I know he still loves me unconditionally, he says "I have no wife because you are not here."
    He is right. It takes two to tango, takes two to Tangle, and Two to make an effort and have the patience to do this sort of relationship.
    You both have this love, this beautiful magic and chemistry that Can make it through any storm... I see it.
    However, you both Have to Get 'On the same page' and with Skype, texting, emails, just anything to make the lines of communication wide open, this will keep the fires burning and you both Still... Yearning.
    No, you don't have to 'Literally move on.' Come to some sort of compromise without all of the promise and hang in there... It may seem a long ways away his journey but with Love, that does find a way, It's... A stone's throw.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If you're really in love, two years won't make a difference. Well it be hard? Absolutely. But I think it's be better to give it your everything to make it work, rather than throwing it away before you even try.


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