Why is she doing this?

Please help me out, especially if you've been in this position before!

Ex and I have been more or less in contact for a month after a month of no contact. When we're together or talking she seems interested but difficult to commit to a meeting. She was hanging out with this guy, but she said she just wants friendship from him. I'm moving on, have a party coming up and a few dating prospects, but I miss my girl and all the fun we had.

Lately we've been ignoring each other but she posts happy birthday and things on my friends MySpace. These people were never "our" friends, and they mostly hate her for how she treated me with the breakup. What is she trying to do here? I've heard women like to be chased but they also want a man who can get along fine and have fun without them. What should I do if I want us to try and work things out?

Yeah, I just don't understand why she would mess with me. I'm trying to move on but its a long process and I miss what we had. I am going to continue to work on me and my happiness, perhaps she will see that, perhaps not.


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  • Listen bro, this is simple... DATE MORE GIRLZ. I hate to say it but you may be attatched to what WAS and that's cool but it ain't neva gonna be like that again homie. She's playin these little mind games because you're available all the time. She knows you'll be there. If you ain't always there...she will begin to notice and then don't be surprised if all of a sudden she has madd interest in you again.

    Yeah, you right...girls love the chase. But you need not chase. The best remedy for a newly single guy is a nice starting line-up (hott chics----many of them). When I was single, I would make sure I had at least 20 girls numbers::: because 10 of them weren't gonna call or were always busy, 5 of them were good party girls and the remaining 5 were girlfriend potential.

    Use this method...You shall be over her in no time.


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  • she could just be playing with your mind honestly. if things are officially over, well who knows? maybe her sad way of being nice now since she treated you so poorly. I think just let it be. is it your first time you guys want to perhaps try to mend things? she'll have to try harder than that.

  • I say she is probably still into you, but isn't sure of her own feelings. I would say, act normal, nonchalant about it, and then take things from there. Don't put all of your feelings into just her. Date have a good time, don't expect anything long term right now. Have fun doing what you are doing. She may just come around if you want her that is.


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  • She is playing with your mind... if she cannot commit to a meeting it shows that she has some issues. Leave it. I just experienced the same.

  • dude I'm going thru the same sh*t ..i figure out something tho my friend told me because he went thru worse sh*t than well us but he said

    "remember the good times but don't hang on them better things will come"

    and its true

    im done feeling like sh*t

    they don't care even if they say they do

    its all bs

    my suggestion is

    hook up

    as much as you can

    she will want you back horribly bad

    dont try to make sense

    girls are complex like that

    im doing that but I can't get her back she wants to but its a whole diff issue lol

    but dude girls they don't give a sh*t


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