Why is she doing this?

Please help me out, especially if you've been in this position before!

Ex and I have been more or less in contact for a month after a month of no contact. When we're together or talking she seems interested but difficult to commit to a meeting. She was hanging out with this guy, but she said she just wants friendship from him. I'm moving on, have a party coming up and a few dating prospects, but I miss my girl and all the fun we had.

Lately we've been ignoring each other but she posts happy birthday and things on my friends MySpace. These people were never "our" friends, and they mostly hate her for how she treated me with the breakup. What is she trying to do here? I've heard women like to be chased but they also want a man who can get along fine and have fun without them. What should I do if I want us to try and work things out?
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Yeah, I just don't understand why she would mess with me. I'm trying to move on but its a long process and I miss what we had. I am going to continue to work on me and my happiness, perhaps she will see that, perhaps not.
Why is she doing this?
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