Will I get over this heartbreak?

Let's just say that I am mourning over him while he is mourning over the girl that came after me.

He then came clean that he met this girl right after me, they hit it off and and she did a 180 on him and torn him apart. It hurts me that he describe it as a "heartbreak" with her while only felt "bad" when ours ended. It's bullshit.

How ow do I deal with this feeling that he wasn't as invested with me as I was with him


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  • Ouch. That's tough. Don't blame yourself, though. You believed in what you had. It wasn't what it seemed to be. Yes, you will get over it. It'll take time, but you will.


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  • That's why you don't stay in contact with your ex. Because it's gonna hurt like bitch when they find someone else. Seriously just cut him off, delete him from social media and don't go where you can find out things about what he's doing or how he's feeling.

    How do you deal with it? Well at least she played him or whatever and he is unhappy, karma got to him. He is probably gonna get played so many times now, and by that time you will already be happily in love with someone else and all of this is not gonna matter one bits.

    • Thank you. He did reach out to me when she ended it to apologize but he still didn't want to take me back. He just realized karma did hit him

      But right now I've reached a point that I'm so hurt and angry that I just disappeared from social media and absolutely want nothing to do with him

      What is this feeling

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    • Can I message you about this

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  • A tough one indeed, I would say he didn't realize the depth of relationship you both had. It's a miscalculation on his part.

  • Why should you care. He's your ex. Move on!


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