Why did she Betrayed when I was going from a very Critical time?

Why girls play with hearts, She left me in all those good memories of me and her and then in a sudden she just went off leaving me. I was so much in love with her, I think am gonna Die or commit a suicide this memories weakens me day by day.

I really dont understand what to do
I dont love her anymore thts what my bad part says me but deep inside there is sumthing which keeps me going on and on to love her.
  • Should I think of her
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  • First of all ask her why she did that, why did she leave you at very critical time. Ask her. if she doesn't give you a satisfying answer then stop thinking of her and leave her, Try to forget her. Ignore her.
    and why are you thinking to commit a suicide? why you want to kill yourself? Just because you loved her but she left you? Don't even try to do that. who knows there will be another girl for you in the future who would love you truly and will always be there for you? By saying you want to commit a suicide shows that your weak to face this sadness . The people who commit a suicide are losers and weak they don't know how to handle a situation, they don't know how to seek a solution. They don't know how to get through these sadnesses living in this world you have to face these things. life is too short already to spend it sad so cheer up and get another girl :)

    • Thank you so much for being there I think I will stick to what you said must say ur sumone who respects Relations, Thanks

    • Always pleasure :)

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  • could you explain better how she "betrayed" you because it sounds like she just ended the relationship which isn't betrayal. I understand you're upset and that's fair but let's be fair about what your ex actually did

    as far as should you think about her... that's really not something you can just do. you're going to think about her whether you want to or not. It's really about not being hung up on the matter and allowing yourself to move forward.

    So I say move forward. Don't let this break up stop you from proceeding on with life. You'll think of her less as you heal


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