What was the real reason he broke up with me?

So we dated for a few weeks, and he broke up with me and he was jerk about it too. He didn't even do it personally he made his friends do it for him. My two friends had to chase him down and make him talk to me. It really p*ssed me off. I asked him why and he said he didn't like me anymore and that he liked someone else. Then he went over to my friends brothers house and told her that I was crazy and clingy. And I wasn't close to clingy, he's the one who was all over me at the football games and at school he never hugged me against a wall or tried to make out with me and I was like wtf? But if anything he was the closest one to clingy. So I just really want to know some possibilities of why he broke up with me?


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  • He told your friend it was because you were crazy and clingy.

    Read your Original Post and clarify that for yourself. The extensive ammounts of "WTF" moments where you desired something, yet thought of it destructively towards your ex-bf are what make men perceive you as crazy or clingy.

    Crazy = Attacking / Aggressive

    Clingy = Won't leave your side

    IMHO, I advise you to take a break from the situation because it seems you are confused as to "what you did wrong" which is making you look crazy. By taking a break - you will find the tranquility to compose yourself better which will reduce the ammount of comments made towards you being crazy or clingy.

    Furthermore, if the accusations were incorrect - we are only missing out on the opportunity to know you, which is our loss - you shouldn't be bothered by someone else's stupidity.

    Best regards,


    • Ummm...i never told him that he wasn't touchy enough so he wouldn't have a reason to think I was crazy or clingy. ya you don't give very good or nice advice so I think you should read it over and clarify what you wrote.

    • Thank you for clarifying what I wrote. This statement: "...ya you don't give very good or nice advice" makes you sound absurdly stuck up.

      If your looking for assistance, take a psychology class at your local university/college and it will help you understand why this is; unfortunately, as I don't provide "good or nice" advice to your perspective, I won't be assisting this matter further because I would rather not be lectured on the accuracy of my advice.

      These are opinions, they aren't science

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  • yeah I think he's just making up sh*t for a fast get away. not worth your time to think about him anymore. because if I were you, I would have said, hey your loss and don't tell me what you think you are claiming I am because that's so untrue, you're the one who's clingy<- that's what I would have said. he just said he likes someone else, who knows. he's not worth your precious time thinking about,...I would move on. he sounds like a jerk, no offence. at least he did it face to face. guys are sometimes egotistical and like to make themselves look good ... at this point I'd talk crap about him lol. let's see how long this relationship lasts with this other chick? huh. I had a jerk like that for ex and I just was cold told him. and I still talk sh*t about him but I've moved on meh, whatever. if you're not clingy, chances are, he's into other girls or a girl, who knows but it's not important to dwell on it.

    • Ya I'm already over him cus when I actually think about it...he wasn't all that great as I thot he would be but that's okay cus I will find some one way better and I hope son. lol But ya no offense taken cus I agree totally with the whole jerk coment especially since he didn't have the guts to come up to me and talk with me...he told his friends to tell me and then my friends chased him down and I had to even start the talking it reallly p*ssed me off but oh well he is definitely not worth my time.

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