Feelings for ex boyfriend... What to do?

My ex-boyfriend and I were together for 4 months when he broke up with me 8 months ago because he ''was not ready for a relationship''. As I was about to move on and forget him, I met him three weeks ago where we started a good conversation. From that day the only thing I have thought about was him. When we had the conversation he seemed really calm, but when I first got eye-contact with him my heart was beating really fast even though I was trying to hold my facade and seem calm too. I can feel that my feelings for him are coming back and I want him to know that I have changed throughout the time that has passed since the breakup. Do you think I should contact him? If so, how do I start the message I want to contact him with? How would you (guys) react if your ex contacted you? Feel free to tell your story if you have texted your ex or have received a text from an ex. What do you think? Should I wait for him, or?


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  • so u have had no contact at all for 8 months? hmm this makes things even more difficult then... if he didn't contact u yet, i'd say there's no interest from his side i'm afraid. so anyway... a good text would b sth like "hi (name). wot's new? hope u r not mad at me :) "

    • Yes I know... But I am willing to take any chance actually, but thank you for your comment! :-) - I am just afraid of how he would react. How would you react if you were the one receiving a message from an ex?

  • You don't even know if he's ready now. If he is what changed to make him ready for a relationship?


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