A hypothetical situation?

Okay, so say a guy is in love with a girl, but he has some emotional issues. He has serious commitment phobia, and he ran from her, like he does with all relationships. He can't keep himself from checking her Facebook, and copying her profile pic so he can look at it. He's dating someone else, but still does these things. Does this guy eventually give up running and contact this girl? by the way, it is known that he does these things because his brother contacted the girl because he's worried about him.


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  • Interesting question. Well, hypothetically speaking, he might. It sounds as though he's at least interested, but doesn't know what he wants.


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  • Yes I'd think he'd eventually go back to the girl he loves , quit running and contact her.

    Hypothetically speaking let's say the girl he's dating helps him get over his phobia of commitment or emotional issues whatever he's having that's preventing his progression with the other girl.

    Once he gets over that, why would he settle for the 2nd girl over the girl he loves?
    At best she's just a stepping stone- preparation, helping him get his feet wet so when he gets the real thing he won't screw up

    Maybe he will be greatful that the 2nd girl helped him and try to stick it out with her, but from the sounds of it his love for girl 1 is killing him inside and it's evident to everyone around him.

    I wouldn't want to be the girl who prevents him from pursing his love nor would I want to be the person who gets used as a stepping stone because no one deserves that.

    If I really cared for him, I'd let him go be happy with his love and find someone who will someday be as crazy about me as he was with the other girl.
    Tough situation..


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  • He's "dating" someone else yet he has commitment issues? That sounds like it won't last long. It depends on a variety of factors. The more likely possibility is that he would do that. Then again, he might realize that his behavior isn't rational and stop. He might convince himself not to do it. He might fall in love with the new girl and stay in the relationship.


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