GUYS: Have you ever REALLY liked a girl but left because of sex?

has this ever happened in your life?

you meet a girl you find attractive

after getting to know her, you really like her

fantasies about being boyfriend and girlfriend start running through your head

those fantasies are quickly replaced by that one major question; "why aren't we having sex yet?"

you start to wonder if she really likes you, if you're the only one who feels this way and the feelings are probably not mutual, you've maybe been emotionally hurt or felt like a girl has used you for your money in the past. you want to protect yourself against getting played or used, so you just distance yourself emotionally and move on.

has that ever happened to any of you guys. if you don't feel comfortable answering openly, I encourage you to take advantage of the anonymous feature and feel free to share the experience, how it made you feel emotionally, and what thoughts were running through your head.

thanks : )
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  • Normally I have sex with the girl before we become boyfriend and girlfriend and if we were boyfriend and girlfriend and she didn't want to have sex with me, well the answer is simple I would cheat on her and then dump her.

    • Why not be a man and just dump her to begin with?

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    • Why wouldn't you just break up with her first and then sleep with whoever else you want?

      why does no sex bother you so much emotionally? the way you're feeling isn't due to frustration or not "getting laid". I feel it's rubbing you the wrong way on a very deep, personal level. I'm really curious to know why that is; w/o the whole macho mr. tough guy act please.

    • Your not a guy and you just don't understand and yes it is one of the reasons why men cheat, if you stop putting out we will find someone who will put out.

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What Guys Said 3

  • No, I never meet someone I like then instantly think, ok I want to have sex with them. My thoughts are always, I want to date them or see them... be in a relationship, I've been hurt in the past by girls, never been used for my money though. I don't think sex is the cornerstone of a relationship, it doesn't instantly spring into my mind, I'd prefer love over sex.

  • It has never happen to me, but I can see myself doing exact what you said. "Distance myself emotionally and move on". It doesn't have to be sex, but I would feel something was wrong, if we had been dating for 6 months, and had not done anything sexual.

  • Those whores are trash material, every guy should send those bitches to hell. They usually cheat on you when this is going on, like laughing at your back, f***ing whores,


What Girls Said 1

  • seriously, half the guys that replied on this thing sound like douches. thank god those girls didn't sleep with you.

    • I know right? I don't get all the anger? what the heck did I say that came off so wrong? I actually took 30mins to remove all the negative emotions and experiences I had attached to my history with bad men, to make the question as neutral and objective as possible, and I still got emotionally ignorant responses.

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    • Getting in touch with my feelings, are you serious I'm a guy what the hell are feelings, here are guy feelings, the feeling to eat, have sex, and eat simple as that.

    • I have a brother, so I know you're on some online/internet macho-trip right now, acting manly here to make up for what you don't behave like in real life.

      I could care less about that. But to deny to yourself that you have emotions is just a lie. Maybe you're not aware of them yet, and that's fine. I know people who aren't aware of their emotional self & are into their 40s. But emotions and psychology are not analogous to astrology or magic. They're real.

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