Guys, How do I go about winning him back? Is he not interested at all?

My ex dumped me after being with me for the past three years. It had been almost a month since this happened and due to a pregnancy scare we have kept in touch. Because of this he also agreed that we should meet up as friends and see if a relationship could be on the cards again but he said that he feels like this would be very unlikely. Nevertheless he is still up for meeting up. I met up with him the other day and he acted similar to before minus any sexual contact. In fact it was almost better than when we were together because we chatted in a way that was more meaningful and we had a bit of a laugh. At the end of the meeting he said that he had really enjoyed himself and that we could text to arrange to meet up again next week. However, as I went back home I realised that maybe he thinks that this is it: he gets to have his cake and eat it and that we can hang out like this as friends. So I texted him and said that I just wanted to be clear about things and that if no romantic feelings return then I do not want to be friends. I apologised and I said we can always see how we feel after a month or so and I asked if he is ok. He didn't reply and as he suffers from depression I worried about this so the next day I texted to see if he was ok. This was our conversation: him : "ok like what's up? I already knew you didn't want to be friends if it doesn't work :)" me: ok good I just wanted to be clear on that because I don't want to lead you on like we would be fiends at the end of it. This is strictly dating and nothing else right now. Regarding the pregnancy scare, I will be fine on my own coping with that. Him: "ok, I understand it *insert my name* and I am always here regarding the scare whatever happens :) I get the situation don't worry!" And that's it. What do you think is going on? What should I do? I do want to be with him but is he just viewing this as extra time with me to make it easier for himself to move on?


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  • Didn't hear him say he missed you or any real desire to make a date. But I have been wrong before.

  • Well, For one, You can win me over by using paragraphs xD, That post hurt my eyes so much xD.

    • Haha, I will definitely do that if you agree to learn how to use commas appropriately.

    • Mhmmm i know i like to put capitals after my commas because i'm fucking stupid like that xD.

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