What is my ex's problem, should I let go?

SO my man, of approximately 4 years off and on just broke up with me, after ignoring my calls last night and texts, He said that I don't listen to him, that he's too pressured with life his job, family, blah blah, that his mom doesn't like me anymore because she wanted my phone numb and I didn't wanna give it to her, but she's a recovering addicted so clearly I'm thinking she's going to ask me for money PLUS it's NOT like we're engaged although we HAD talked about it, I had issues trusting him but that's only because of the past he broke up w me than had a girlfriend like 2 weeks later PLEASE!, we were FINE last weekend he doesn't have pressure but than he's trying to tell ME that my schoolwork is suffering because he's with me and I can say that it isn't ALL I want, he said in two weeks we can see, he wants to "separate" and he still loves me but he thinks I'm selfish because I though that he was ignoring me because he didn't wanna talk to me he said he didn't want to be "bothered" okay.. so text me and TELL me that instead of ignoring me he said I wouldn't believe him but I would, I'm SO heartbroken AGAIN! what would you do if he came back or do I just let him go, he's my 1st love... too


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  • Fisrt loves can be difficult you'll usually always have feelings for them no matter what speaking by experience..some times I regret breaking up but it's all in the what if! I have since then moved on and married another great guy but I still think of my first love at times, but he at this point in life would not be right for me at all.. so I think maybe you should just try to really talk to him and tell him you wanna talk with him and say your willing to compromise on whatever is the trouble between you too...but communication is always the best way.. you can also just tell him that you wanna talk it out so you know exactly how he feels and if you did something wrong you want to know so you can take it in the next relationship you might have and learn from it !

    • Oh and maybe some space or time apart sometimes help if you guys discuss it first..

    • Yeah he ALREADY calling me and texting me that he made a mistake and that he would regret breaking up with me I texted back a while after "are you confused" ddnt get an answer but I'm REALLY tryin to focus on my hw right now plus HOW the hell is he going to breakup with me have me all depressed and unhappy THAN like 3 hours later tell me he wants to BE with me! I don't know if I can take that he's Playing with my heart and I DO wanna be with him but I'm going to sleep on it seriously and let him sleep on

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