Boyfriend is pulling back. Are we done?

I've been dating this guy for six months now and lately it seems that he's pulling further and further away from me. In the beginning we always found time to talk and to go out together but now we rarely see each other and if we do talk I'm always the one who calls. In our last conversation he apologized for not being able to see me, telling me that he has been busy with work but it just feels like he doesn't want to confront me directly and is slowly pulling back instead. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Yes I think so. Same thing with my ex-boyfriend and I...Granted, we are different ages, but guys are all the same, and they all use the same tactics for ending things with us. This is his way of trying to protect himself "save face" and avoid hurting you intentionally. It's hard to acknowledge and realize this, I wish I seen the signs myself earlier to protect myself from the pain.


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