My ex boyfriend used to only talk to me if I sent him dirty pictures?

but now he says he has always hated my body and he won't talk to me at all (he's 14 and I was the first girl he had dated)


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  • He sounds like a sleazy asshole and pathetic for a kid. YOU don't need to be sending anyone pictures at your age and if you are going to, you don't need to be sending them first.

    Of course he can say anything bad about your body just to make you feel bad and that's how it sounds. If you had a pic from HIM, I bet he wouldn't be doing that because you could tell him how "small" he is.


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  • you were being used

  • he is young and very immature. he probably only said that to make you feel bad about yourself, to gain power and control over you. dont let him. you deserve far better than him hun, dont let him ruin your happiness.


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