I'm aching for my ex?

Her parents made her choose her college ride and ever talking to them ever again if she chose me. I showed her no compassion and I just have a lot of issues in my childhood but she let it build up so much trying to ignore getting hurt from me time and time again till it became toxic and she became spiteful. She broke up then begged the next day then it led to more fights and it was over. I ran into her again we are going ti the same college. Been 4 months. I'm talking to her and we're other taking the steps to move on we are being very productive but I can see it in her eyes were both a wreck. She started crying half way through our conversayion. I know I'm bad for her and I'm trying to control myself because I know if I really tried I could get her back. Soni just completely avoid her? Out of everything I've ever done in my life. Military.. losing friends.. my rough chold hood this is the hardest. Would of married her if I could.


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  • I believe you need therapy, for I understand you are a nice guy but I feel like there is something broken in you that she can't fix. You both need space and time apart. Not to get involved with other people but really see who you are without her as your own person. For if you don't get help, its gonna get worse and ruined the both of you. And not just with her, even if you were to find someone new, you would be completing the same cycle repeatly over and over again. I suggest you look inside yourself, for the saying goes "You can not love someone if you don't love yourself, for its always gonna it up toxic and utterly tragically dissapointing!" Hugs Bro, prayers and good luck to you both.


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  • Damn. Thank you for realizing that "you're bad for her" at this point in time and showing self restraint because you dont want to hurt her further. I really hope everything works out for you both. @chocolatecinderella summed it up well.

    My heart aches for both of y'all (I have been in your position before). If you want to vent to a fellow "broken" asshole, feel free to PM me.

  • Then you know what you must do.. I think you have your answers. Try to ease up on the control. Talk to her tell her how you feel.


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