Honestly, what should I do?

So I was talking to this guy for 6 months but it recently ended because he has A LOT going on. He believes things were headed in the right direction and wishes we could've just met later. He also said that if I'm not talking to anyone in the future, he would definitely try again with me. We didn't have a talk to end things so that he or I could just disappear, it was just to let me know not to expect the next step between us because he isn't able to give that to me because of how things are going in his life. I just don't know if I should continue to talk to him. Its hard to talk to someone I still like, ya know? Our convos are still the same when we talk (still laugh, joke, etc), but in the back of my mind I just know we aren't dating so its weird. Also, some people have stated that its nothing wrong with being his friend at the moment and being there while he's having a hard time in life. At the same time I feel like if I stop talking to him I'll be forgotten (out of sight out of mind). For the most part I'm staying busy by working, working out, hanging with friends and family, etc... but for those times when I'm alone and just have time to think (when I'm in the shower, just waking up or just about to go to sleep) is when I wonder if I'll hear from him today or not and I don't like wondering about that. I know ultimately I have to decide if I want to stick around or not but can I just get some advice? Should I say f*ck it and cut him off and if we happen to meet in the future then great! But if not then oh well? Should I still stick around and be a friend to him? I honestly just don't know.


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  • I know its hard for you but I don't think you should have problems staying friends with him, I mean if you both are okay with it.

    • I appreciate you answering! May I ask why you think we should be friends?

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  • Yes its always good to have more friends... Also life goes on, like he said maybe in the future there could be something. Just be you and keep doing your thing. I had been in similar position before but just relax. Also if he or you move on, its ok life happens and people change. What I'm saying is don't be afraid to live your life. He hopefully understands... Also did you tell him how you really felt. Communication is the key to success lol, but as well there is a great saying called "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" So if you guys meet up again and your both single and ready to commit. DO IT AND LIVE HAPPILY WITH LOVE...


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  • be friends with him.

    • Thank you. I was just curious as to why you say I should continue to be his friend.

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