Hey, how can I do this?

So my life's been very bad recently, and it's been taking a toll on my girlfriend. So I broke up with her, it's better then me hurting her otherwise. How can I fix me and my life on my own? I want to heal myself before I try to get back with her. I hate hurting her and I hate the needless fighting. My life just hasn't been the best, abuse, being cheated on, being hurt and rejected. There's only two people who've never done that to me, my best friend and my now ex. I want to be with her more then anything. We just keep fighting for no reason. I know it's me. How can I fix it?


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  • she's the problem man, get rid of the stress in your life, and work on being happy.


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  • You need to focus on yourself for the time being maybe. However, I think you should let her be there for you.

    This is kind of an older post. You holding up okay?


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  • Don't fix it. Somethings aren't worth the cost of repair. Go find something new. Trust me.


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