Should I get back with my ex?

I broke up with my boyfriend a little less than a month ago, and now we've started talking again. We broke up because he -lied -flirted with other girls -cheated -kept secrets (typical things...). I constantly told him how I felt, he never stopped doing those things.

I still have strong feelings for him, and he shows that he still likes me. I'm afraid of being hurt again. I was crying every night because of it. I crave his attention though... I love him, after all of the ways he has treated me.

What's putting me off is being afraid that he will hurt me again... to go to him again or not?


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  • No, because his mind will say, I can do whatever I want and she'll come running back to me.


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  • You know and love him. you just at some level need to be treated that way.
    Go back with him and be prepared to cry all night again.
    The question need to ask is why are you attracted to men who treat you like shit?


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  • i wwouldn't get back with him.
    if he hurt you before he'll probaly do it again. if you take him back you're telling him what he did to you is ok.


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