Will he come back to me?

The thing is, I know my ex loves me, and I know that fact scares him to death. It's an unhealthy state of mind he's in. It's the worst inner struggle. The question is, can he fight it forever, or does he eventually come back?


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  • If you really want him back, it depends how the relationship ended. But I suggest you talk to him, thats all you can do for only you two know along with God. Also Don't be so sure he will come back to you, there is a lot that goes along with forgiving and taking someone back. It isn't just about you its about the other person as well. For the heart can only take so much. Hugs.

    • Nothing happened between us other than he got scared of his feelings and ran. He did the whole push/pull thing for a while. He'd push me away, then he wouldn't let me go. Finally, he ran.

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