Am I the only stupid one that has been left on skype?

were two lovers, he said he loved her, and she was madly in love with him.

After a thousand quarrels and misunderstandings he lets her on Skype.

she cries and begs him to have at least an explanation, he says he is sad and is difficult and has many problems, but he never has time for her and invents a new excuse each time, after ten days of breaking the girl discovers by chance talking to him on skype (from the rupture have not yet ever seen to talk) that he goes out since five days with a new girl.Just six day before she asked him : are you still in love with me ? and he said to her : I still have feelings for you.

Then she cries again, and ask information, but the boy does not look so sad, the angry young girl tells the boy that she does not want to see him again because he does not know to love and he will be alone... so she hang up.

this is what is in her skype chat after half-hour that she hang up:

[12/04/09] he : I'm out of your way. tell everyone that I'm an asshole to pretect yourself - make everyone feel I'm an idiot. I'm leaving soon anyway. make me feel small if you want I don't care.

[12/04/09] he: I'm just happy not to be with you any more because it made me sad. and I learned a lot from us. I want to be honest in the future and leave other people out of our game

[12/04/09] he: I still love you as a friend and I know its not possible that might be my fault - not as a partner - and don't tell me about my friends. I have really long friends in Germany and in London. I'm still in contact with. anyway. I leave you alone and you me too please. don't come to my house anymore.

What is this guy deserve?

Have you ever been left by someone over the phone? skype? or e-mail? or am I the only stupid one?


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  • I once had a boyfriend call me, ask if her can leave me a phone message. In which her preceded to tell me that it's been fun, but it was time for us to go our separate ways, and that he wishes me luck in the future. Honestly it felt much more like being fired, than dumped. When I stopped laughing and realized he actually dumped me via voicemail, when he was talking to me 2 seconds earlier. I was rather disgusted.

  • Yeah I got dumped by email. Although given the circumstances it was kinda forgiveable. Still a sh*tty cowardly thing to do though.


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