Social media and the ex?

So long story (kinda) short my ex and I dated for a year. We had some trust issues on my part and he broke it off. Honestly he was right to do so. I needed to grow up. But it was a very easy break up, I let him go and haven't talked to him again except on his birthday (a month into breakup) I wished him a happy birthday which he replied to promptly and kept the conversation going. I stopped texting back a few hours in, in hopes he'd reach out first. He did not. Now it's 4 months since we broke up, we don't have pics of each other on social media and I deleted him from my instagram. But this week my friend and I went on a trip, she posted pics of us which he only liked the ones I was in (my friend says he never usually likes her pics) then he went on my profile (he doesn't follow me) and liked some pictures. Like he wanted me to know he had creeped my page lol Is this reaching out? I miss him but I'm fine living without him, but I feel like that was weird.. what do you think guys?


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  • The thing about social media is it bugs you constantly. Do you know x person? Have you seen this picture? X made a post recently!

    There are levels upon levels of friendship and like. He's somewhere in there.

  • guess he wanted 2 draw yer attention somehow by likin those pics... he 4gave u for deletin him though


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