How do I break up with him softly?

How do I break up with my boyfriend in a way that isn't going to hurt him as much as other methods? I love someone else and I can't be unfair like that but I don't want to tell him that.


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  • I have answered This Same Question many a time here, dear, so to make it light and sweet for now just Explain to him that you have decided to keep your relationship that of Friendship and you care about him but just feel that friends is the way to go for you and this is how you Are... Feeling about him.
    It's not necessary to have to Explain at this moment about the 'Someone else." When it ends, down the love line, he will see this, of course be hurt but that is something that no matter what you tell him or what 'Other methods,' he would be 'Hurt' anyways Any day.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you

    • Oh, so welcome, and thank you for allowing me to lend a helping hand with this man.:)) xxoo

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  • Well I don't know HOW to do it. But I can tell you some things NOT to do.
    -First, don not talk about the guy you are leaving him for
    - Second, DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT SAY ' I hope you find someone better than me'. That sounds patronizing and trust me.. it stings like hell.
    - Third, do not suggest him any other girls names eg. Stacy likes you, maybe she will treat you better or ' You deserve someone like Kate' etc.
    - Fourth and last rule.. do no insult him back if he does. Try to stay quiet.

    I wish you luck. Stay strong.

    • I spoke to my cousin about this and he said to say to him "I love you but i'm not in love with you" but I think it's harsh. What do you think?

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    • Yeah.. you can say that. Just make sure that the conversation is about you 2.. not anyone else.

    • Okay thank you

  • Honesty is the best policy. Yep, it's gonna hurt him. But it'll hurt more if you drag it out. Just tell him how you feel. It's how we grow.


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  • Um wow and it isn't any good way to break up with someone. I say tell him the truth, apologize for your betrayal and give him a reason why, move on and wish him luck with someone who would really see the wonderful him. Also I hope you are sure your doing the right thing, I am not judging you but I just wish more people would think before they jump into things, communicating with your love ones go a long way. Whether its bad or good, for I believe, talking beforehand with the truth can prevent a lot of things from happening. Hugs

    • So I just tell him straight or?

  • There's no way to let him down easily

  • Tell him youve grown apart.


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