Should I text my ex?

So me and my ex broke up like 7 months ago... And since then we have gotten into a few fights on social media, but that was a few months ago... Now I'm thinking about her again and I really hate the idea because at times she's a handful but I think deep down I still really want to be friends with her. But as of the last time we talked she had wanted to get back together and I said no because I knew that she had just gotten out of a different thing with this guy and she was just looking for a rebound... So that pissed her off and we haven't spoken since.
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  • Let sleeping dogs lie now here, dear. With everything that has been said that needs to have been said, silence is golden now and by opening up a can of worms once again, will probably only end up s full circle problem pattern once more and you would be barking up the wrong tree.
    Let it go, let Her go...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand. xx

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  • To the whole thing with the rebound: Do you know that for sure? Maybe they ended the relationship because she realised that she still likes you.

    However, my advice would be: No, you don't text her. Meet up with her and TALK. It seems like you both really need that. Your relationship with her seems like a huge mess.

    Good luck :-)

  • Sure, I would! Just stand your friends-only ground if that's how you feel... She sounds like bad news.

    • Well there's that but I mean while we were dating we both kinda did crappy things that in retrospect were probably a bit... Psychotic... is the word that comes to mind...

    • I like that you own your part in it as well. I was referring to her plea for reconciliation as a rebound and that, while you had the presence of mind to see it, she did not. If you had not seen that, she would have used you, intentional or no.

  • No. There's no point


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