Any Opinions?, I am really hurt and confused?

So my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday, after 2 years, he ended it because he wanted to be free (that was his reason). He was my first kiss, my first everything.. I was really hurt because after that I found out that he had made a fake facebook that I didn't know about.. I had a feeling that he was cheating on me when i found this out because his profile was made while we were still together ;/. i am deeply hurt, and i couldnt stop crying. He texted me later that day saying how he still wanted to be together, but then he wanted to talk to other women at the same time. I didn't know how to reply so I didn't, of course I was angry to so i called him and basically told him how hurt and disrespected I was because I have always been loyal to and with him for 2 years. I told him why would he rather have sluts who would basically just want him and his money rather than me who just loves him to death, andwilling to do anything to make him happy. He hung up in my face after I said that. I took it as if it was really over and just cried and cried, because i didn't want it to be over.. i still wanted to be with him, i still have feelings for him, but I had to just forget it. Around midnight I got another text from him and this made my heart drop, He told me that he missed me and wanted to see me again, ( we live 30 minutes away from eachother) I was confused and I didn't reply back.. i dont know what to say, i called him tonight to ask why did he text me that, but he was hanging out with his friends at a bar, then I heard a female voice near him.. i tried to ask him if he was with anyone, but he didn't want to answer it, then he told me that his phone was going dead, and that he couldnt hear me so he'd call me later after that he hung up. I really do love this guy, but it hurts so much, this is the 3rd time he had messed up and I just dont know what to do with myself, 2 years is the longest relationship I had ever been in, I really want to work this out.. So help?


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  • I feel your pain. Its the worst pain possible. But with all wounds time heals it. Let him branch out if that what he wants. You can do the same thing as well.

    Don't contact him ignore every text/phonecall/voicemail message. As long as he can contact you the pain will always be in you. That goes the same way with you, no contact.

    Use the time to work on yourself. Build up your confidence, go out with friends, take up a hobby. Anything that will distract you really. Sitting dwelling on it will just make you feel worse.

    It will get easier I promise you that. You just have to ride this one out. Take each day as it comes. If you feel the urge to call him DON'T! Phone a girlfriend of yours instead. 1 day you will look back and wonder what it was all about.


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  • Your situation isn't an uncommon one. Often young people in relationships start to feel like they're "missing out". They may wonder what else might be out there for them, they may see their friends partying and hooking up, and feel envious that they haven't experienced that, and so on.

    I experienced myself with my high school boyfriend when we went to college. We were together for nearly 5 years when we finally broke up for good. He broke up with me about 2-3 times because he wanted to see what else was out there. After a little time, I guess he'd start missing me and/or realize that the grass wasn't actually greener and beg me to take him back. I loved him so much and wanted to be with him, so I would, even if he had hurt me really badly.

    But the thing is, when he broke up with me, it damaged our relationship. It damaged the trust I had in him. It damaged the certainty I had in our relationship. I didn't know if he actually wanted to be with me, or he just didn't want to be alone and meeting other girls hadn't been as easy as he thought it would be. I felt so insecure. And, as I said, he did it a few time, each time damaging my trust and self-esteem even more. I knew that we would never get back what we once had, and our relationship came to an end for good.

    I know how much this hurts right now. Like I've said, I've been there. It's going to hurt, but it will get better over time. My advice would be to cut contact and don't take him back. Cut contact because you need to heal, and keeping him around, even as a "friend" is going to make that process much, much harder. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones, try to do things that make you happy. It will get better, and I know this isn't much of a comfort when you're going through all this, but there will be other guys.


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  • That's so sad, I'm so sorry about this. Relationships can be extremely sensitive but perhaps he felt that you cramped him too much. There was this girl I dated long back. She really loved me, so did I. But she felt so insecure whenever I was around any other girl that she would grab me away from her even if I was just talking and not flirting. I think this is a similar situation. What did I do?
    I broke up with her long back, telling her that I want to be free just as your boyfriend said. A few months ago we patched up but made this deal: She allowed me to be "free" meaning I could talk, hug or actually act they way I do around a girl. I too made a promise, that I won't fall for any other girl (that's a very hard thing to do). She continues to be my girlfriend. I just think you should give him a little freedom. Call him over, and tell him you were feeling just a little insecure. Ask him to give you another chance but this time, a little relaxed. So even if he does fall for a girl, He'll feel absolute guilt.
    Best of luck and oh yes I agree with you, a lot of girls just want your money and pretty face!

  • Time to turn the page... ahah revenge 😈 take a gun and kill all the girls in the town and kidnap him and lick him down. Female nomination 😂😂
    Okay... I'm sorry, its just a joke. :) Well, I'm not saying don't cry and you got to move on but well you still love him and maybe he want something new... you know. It's actually a 50/50 issue but nevertheless don't text anymore... just wait for a week or 3 days and see. If he doesn't reply, go meet him in person.. If it's not working out well you got to move on. I'm sorry but yep.

    I mean I would not do something like this... if I feel like its an unhealthy relationship I will talk to her (in person) and fix the problem unless she is a bitch and want to go behind assholes 😂

    But you can also try playing with his head... you know, make him jealous. Dress super hot.. It's a risk I mean still your main intention will be to get him back, right? Just wait for some more replies and decide.

    Follow and listen to your heart. And take your brain with it too 😁
    Good luck. Cheers.

    • What you've written has nothing to do with my situation he's not my boyfriend he's a guy who annoys me.

    • WTF? Come again? Sorry I lost you for a second...😳

  • Broke his heart also by dating me 😂


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  • Well being your first everything might've been great and all but you're both still young and he wants to branch out and have different experiences. at least you got two years out of him some people don't even get two minutes. Go out, flirt no strings, date new people and be happy you probably dodged having to look at the same dick since 16 years old. Take happiness in knowing he's a loser that's another bitches problem bc he had to fake an account like the dig bag cheating loser he is.

  • I'm really sorry about this. I think u should meet him and ask him his final say about his relationship with you. But all the same, i think u should prepare to move on.


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