End our friendship?

I thought my very good male friend/coworker had feelings for me but found out that he does not. We work very closely together, he works in a different department but do have to interact on a daily basis. We would always go to lunch together, talk on the phone a few times a day, and hang out after work with other coworkers. We have slept together as recently as a month ago and I do feel a little used by him.

I am very upset because I was sure he had feelings for me but he made it pretty clear that he loves me as a friend only. Should I break off the friendship and only have a work/professional relationship with him from now on? I feel like this is what I need to do so that I can get over the feelings that I have for him. Any thoughts?


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  • You have to do what you have to do. If it's too much to be around him because you have feelings for him, then you have to take yourself out the picture. I'm figuring that all he may really want is a f-buddy. Which is fine if that's what you wanted too. But you like him though. I had to do the same thing with a friend of mine. It was just too much to be around her. It got to where it hurt just to be around her. Even though I was someone she care for deeply, I knew all she wanted to offer was her friendship. So I ended the friendship. Some said it was selfish, but I feel a hell of a lot better now. So if that is what you need to do to get over the feelings you have, then you should.

    • Thanks for your reply! I did tell him that I can't handle us being friends right now because I do have feelings for him. I did this via email because I could not bear to talk to him. He never responded to me and then today came down smiling but I felt he had something to say. He didn't and just walked away. I think I did the best thing but this just hurts so bad. I hope I can get over these feelings, it's just hard when I see him everyday :(

  • Love for a co worker is a big No No! (but I know at least two couples who met on the job and married)


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