Why would he still lie about it even after he got caught?

My boyfriend of 3 years cheated on me with a girl I used to be friends with. She got in our circle of friends through me because I thought she was cool but then she started flirting with him and other guy friends and I just cut her off. My boyfriend was also supposed to cut her off, but what a surprise - he didn't. He was hanging out with her behind my back and cheated on me. I found that out by accidently logging into his Skype. She is from different city and she comes here from time to time. The afair lasted for like 6 months.

Well I broke up with him. He wasn't even sorry, he got mad that I don't believe that he wasn't cheating. Well I don't have any proof that he phisically cheated but he chatted with her often and they met alone every time she came to city. He was swearing she is just a friend, that he likes her as a friend and that he didn't want to tell me because he knew it would hurt me and that I wouldn't approved. Every time they met they would go to places I liked going with him, but we stopped going there because those places bored him.

That girl is nothing like me. She is very immature and retarded and a bad person. She is a slut and her only purpose is seducing guys. She slept with half of our guy friends and all of them said the same for her. No one kept in touch with her because everyone realized how dumb she is. My boyfriend kept her as a secret to everyone, he didn't told even his best friend about her. I mean if there's nothing to hide why hidding it? After I saw everything on his Skype I contacted her and she told me that my boyfriend was always the one trying to get into her panties and she was rejecting him. From what I saw on Skype she was right about that, he was the one initiating the camera shat and meetings, he was so desperate for her.

Why would he still lie about it even after he got caught? Does he thinks I'm an idiot? Why not just admit that he cheated and that he wanted her more then me so we can have a clean break?


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  • See, the thing is, we guys (well, can't speak for all of them) don't like to admit we were wrong. We hate it when we get caught with our hand in the cookie jar. Admitting a mistake is the same as admitting we failed at something; also something we aren't allowed to do. It's a lot easier to just pretend nothing happened and hope she ignores it/deals with it on her own than to do the intelligent thing and talk about it.


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  • Maybe knew she was for a short time and just for fun... But knew u were valuable and wanted to keep u even after the cheating. She was that kind of girl who he was sure that she would go away soon but not u. She was fun for a few thing but not cool maybe

  • Because he is an asshole.. that's why.. Dump his cheating ass and never take him back no matter how short he is..
    He just wanted to duck her because he thought she is easy and a dumb slut...


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