Im really annoyed?

I've been dating my Ex over 3 months now my friends didn't like him because they kept on telling me he's controling me, he's horrible to me and he's not a nice boyfriend to me its we would always aruge a lot they think he's not good enough for me one of my friends told me to dump me and i did and now one of my friend has got a boyfriend she's spends more time with him more than me lool when i never got to spend time with my boyfriend cause of her and now she wants me to get back with him. then i try to but i haven't heard from him for a while i miss him a lot i feel so stupid :/

what do I do?


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  • Sounds like your going along with what your friends want more then what you want. You don't want to be the one friend who doesn't have any one perhaps? If you are unhappy with him. If you have talked to him about why your unhappy and he mitigates the importance of how you feel. Or won't even receive any of what you said. If you want to leave him... well, go by your own compass not the compass of others. Because, you are closest to the situation and know it best.

    • i left him because my friend told me to dump him and now she's in a relationship

    • Well, seems like your letting your friends pilot your life. Take the helm.

    • lool you're right

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  • Well first off, that sounds like some jealous rage your friend had towards you being in a couple instead of her. If you felt like he was being controlling and such, you should have talked to him rather than dumped him first. But if you didn't see it and you rather enjoyed being with him, then your friends opinion shouldn't have mattered. All that matters in a relationship is if you and your partner are happy. I say meet up with him, and explain what happened.


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