To cheat or not to cheat?

well I have a boyfriend in another state, and so we are in a long distance relationship. you see he and I have been going out for 4 months now, we talk all the time and stuff and we're good together, but recently at school there's this new guy and we started talking. He and I get along so well, and he is really sweet, and he likes me and I like him. except I have a boyfriend, and the new guy knows and he is okay with me having a boyfriend, but I feel so guilty about it all, the moment I realized I liked him back. To me I practically cheated. and like he wants to go on dates and stuff, but I'm like no I have a boyfriend. but the new guy keeps reminding me that he's here, and my boyfriend is there, and he thinks I'll be happier with him.. and he keeps trying "take me away from my boyfriend"

* I haven't told my boyfriend that he asked me out yet. *

( I said no tho..)

I know it may seem like then "you don't really love your boyfriend" kind of thing, but I really do love my boyfriend, like before I used to think LDRs couldn't be that hard but the distance really can get to you. and its not about how much you love someone and like if you really love someone you won;t go astray, but you get lonely in a way. I haven't done anything yet.

** I don't want to break up with my boyfriend for this guy, if I'm mistaking this feeling for loneliness just because my boyfriend's not here you know?

so what should I do?


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  • Cheating is the lowest thing ever. Break up with him before you cheat.

    • But what if the "feelings" I have for the new isn't just loneliness?

      even tho this is hypocritical. you have no ideaa how much I agree on that statement.

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    • Yep =( - There are times in our lives where everyone thinks "what if"; however, if that didn't immediately escape your mind like "I love my boyfriend and won't do that" - then break up with him verse trying to put yourself in a bad position.

    • Dammit. well thanks =]

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  • That is the question!

    However cheating is really unnecessary if you simply don't want to maintain your loyalty to him just leave him.

    You can love any guy you want and you don't have to be branded a whore by him and anyone else he knows.

  • What do you thing your boyfriend does in this kind of situation?! , if you really think that he loves you ,and he will not cheating on you !, on the other hand if you guys won't be together for long time , that relationship ,in my point of view, is useless .


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  • I really don't think that you should cheat on your boyfriend, that is something that you won't be able to take back. Especially if you ever want this relationship to go anywhere. Maybe you should talk to your boyfriend, then find out what you truly want.

    • But I don't want to hurt him for something that could just be like a filler you kno? like when I see my boyfriend I may or may not feel that physical attraction

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    • Physical Attraction = FWB

      Emotional Attraction = Relationship

      Which sounds better? The physical attraction is nice; having the desire to pull someone closer and have that passionate moment; however, a relationship means sacrifices and companionship

    • Wait now I'm confused, sacrifice meaning I hsould stay with my boyfriend and not going with the other guy is a sacrifice? lol. that doesn't sound fair..

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