Why do you guys think my ex will come to my birthday party?

Ok so I invited him and it looks like he is intrerested in coming because he is asking me to keep him up to date. My question is why though? when he doesn't even want to be in a relationship with me? when I asked him, he is very dogdy and said "he wants to take things slow for now as he doesn't want to pursue anything big because he doesn't know if he can mentally do it."

which is BS!


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  • To make it look like he's interested to probably take things further even though he says he wants to take things slow

    • seriously? can you elaborate more? what made you say

  • Couple reasons. He's not sure if it's final, and he wants to see who you're with, if anyone.

    • for real?

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    • omg now you made me sad.

      Can you like explain more, this is interesting. So you're saying that his heart is on the new chic after me? that'sv the one that he wants back?

    • I'm so sorry. I'm a pretty blunt person. But it sounds like, from what you've given me. It's hard to judge a person I don't know in a few sentences. It's just the impression I get. Guys are pretty funny. We have real short attention spans and tend to focus on what's right in front of us at the time. Later, we think of what was because we're lonely. But if she's on his radar, he's thinking of her, I'd bet money on it. And again, I'm sorry for being so blunt. :P

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